Pasture Point


Pasture Point Neighborhood Association


Pasture Point was established in 1849 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012. Located at Hampton, Virginia, it is a characteristic late-nineteenth through early-twentieth century suburban residential neighborhood that was influenced greatly by the rise of the streetcar. The residences include notable examples of the Late Victorian, Prairie School, and Bungalow styles.


The Mission of the Pasture Point Neighborhood Association is to:

**Maintain and improve a sense of pride and identity in the community.

**Protect and enhance the livability within our community.

**Serve as an advocate for preserving the integrity, aesthetics, and historic character of the neighborhood.

**Encourage the preservation of our environment and the natural features to enhance the character of the area as a desirable historic neighborhood.

**Promote communication and coordination with governmental, private, and public entities to strengthen our neighborhood bonds within the City of Hampton

**Foster the improvement through a comprehensive process of revitalization that seeks to protect, enhance and promote urban living and the architectural and community heritage of our neighborhood.

**Cooperate with other historical, educational, cultural, civic and philanthropic organizations and individuals who are interested in the history and architectural heritage of our area

**Provide a forum for and to be a catalyst for the discussion of neighborhood and community planning issues

**Serve as an educational vehicle by communicating pertinent issues to the residents of the neighborhood.

**Promote neighborliness through social and cultural activities.


Neighborhood Resource Guide

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